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I love collaboration. I have over 10 years of experience making records in many different genres. Check out some of my best work in the drawer to the left to accompany you while you navigate the site.

Recording, editing, mixing, mastering. They're all included.

Plus every project comes with a producer—me! I get involved in the details and work with you to elevate and enhance your sound, from a song’s tempo to its final arrangement.

About Stephen Helvig


Stephen has a way of comfortably but diligently getting the right performance out of you, and then making it happen. He was able to listen to what I wanted, and was amenable and responsive to the many changes I wanted. Stephen is also quick and adept at the tools involved. The result is what I feel is my best record yet, and I have been doing this for decades.

- Todd Ortberg

Droptone Studio is incredible. Such a comfortable place to record. So laid back while being so professional. I would recommend this studio to anyone interested in any aspect of recording. Stephen Helvig can make nails on a chalkboard sound like a choir of angels.

– Jeff Lillevold

The studio made me feel comfortable and at home, but I never lost site of its professionalism. Stephen Helvig is incredibly dedicated to his work. This is visible not only in the final product, but in the entire recording process. Recording at Droptone was fun, insightful, and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone/anywhere else!

– Merritt Rethlake

My sessions with Stephen Helvig at Droptone Studio have contributed to my growth as an artist vocally and lyrically. Really glad I found him during my studio search. I’ll recommend Stephen to any artist looking for that high quality, radio play sound.

– Snoti Jappah

Droptone Studio is the best. Hands down. Great atmosphere to record in with great equipment and even better hospitality. No regret in choosing this studio to record our EP. Highly recommended!!

– The Dayshapes

If you are looking for a studio with qualities such as great rates, friendly and professional producers and grade ‘A’ recording equipment, then Droptone is where you want to be. I cannot over stress the fact that you will be satisfied with the services you get. I am rather hooked on the place and looking forward to continue work on the rest of my album with them.

- Brian Ayangwo

Droptone Studio is incredible. Such a comfortable place to record. So laid back while being so professional. I would recommend this studio to anyone interested in any aspect of recording. Stephen Helvig can make nails on a chalkboard sound like a choir of angels. Just go with Droptone.

- Morrison Boomer

Droptone’s professionalism can only be matched by their passion to make your music reach it’s full potential. I’ve never had an engineer put so much care and heart into something that’s already so important to me. Check them out!

- Gordon Vanguard

My experience at Droptone was awesome! Everyone was really nice, and they helped me to get my first song finished. I look forward to working with Droptone Studio again! You should check them out!

- Danielle Gassman

Droptone Studio is amazing. Stephen always goes the extra mile to make your product the best it can be. I’m so glad I went with Droptone studio, definitely check them out.

- Nikki Rodriguez

Stephen Helvig has been the greatest partner any songwriter could ever ask for. He is easy to work with, creative, knowledgable in his craft, talented, and very good about working around my schedule. The studio is well equipped and the atmosphere is great as there are no distractions and a laid back feeling that I enjoy.

- Corby Pelto

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience. The studio is both beautiful and comfortable to work in. Not only that, the expertise is unbelievable. Stephen Helvig is truly an artist and collaborator – qualities that are unusual and essential in a recording engineer. Droptone is topnotch.

- Ariel Strasser

Stephen definitely knows his stuff. During the recording process he helped with melodies and harmonies and all of his suggestions were extremely helpful. He is also very nice and inviting to every musician that comes in. I brought in a friend to help on a track and she ended up recording her CD there because she felt so comfortable.

- Toni Adedeji (Samuel Crown)

Dope studio, great engineers, good peeps, and fantastic ears! Culture Cry Wolf loves ya!

- Culture Cry Wolf

HUGE thank you to Stephen for all of your hard work on Sawyer’s Dream’s EP!! You did such a brilliant job in such a short time & we are forever grateful for all the special care you took to make our songs sound absolutely amazing. We highly recommend this studio for any musicians looking to record a high quality album in a relaxing environment and top professionals to work with.

- Sky Athmann (Sawyer’s Dream)

I worked with Stephen Helvig to create a 3 song EP. I had a very good and welcoming experience at Droptone. The studio and staff are both great to use and allow room for a lot of creativity. I would highly recommend Droptone.

- Mia Johnson

Stephen is the man. Period. Once I arrived, I knew something special would come from the sessions. Stephen’s versatility with sound and music wiped out any of the initial worry I had. The sessions were always dope, usually starting with some thought provoking convo before the time even started. I like to think that helped my delivery on the mic…getting the best of your “takes” is Stephen’s specialty.

- D.Native

Highly recommend recording with Stephen Helvig, he’s a studio wizard.

- Vision The Kid

Not only is the gear top notch, but the expertise is second to none. Knowing how to handle an artist, what to suggest and the way to suggest it makes the experience comfortable. Working with Stephen was seamless. I’m so proud of this project, not just for how it sounds, but how it all fell and fit together. Thank you Stephen, thank you Droptone Studio, I’ll be back.

- David Keiski

Stephen made me feel right at home. If he knew he had talent in the room, he would push you to be the best you could be. It was a lot of work, but Stephen also made it fun and relaxed. If I had any problems with a song I was writing or needed help with chord melodies or anything, Stephen was there always willing to help. I’m very fortunate to have been able to work with him.

- Hot Southern Mess

Stephen Helvig

I provide world-class recording services for the talented and diverse music scene in the Twin Cities. My work has been featured on radio and TV worldwide with plays reaching the millions. I specialize in vocal production, editing and mixing but there’s nothing I won’t do to make your song better.

Check out my space—Droptone Studio—founded in 1996.

Fully equipped with world-class outboard gear, microphones, and instruments. Featuring a large adaptable live room, well-suited for loud, big projects or quiet, intimate moments.

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When you’re ready to present the song to the world, I can help with that too. I also provide video production services and can connect you to sync and licensing opportunities.

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Video is a necessary part of an artist's story.

From fully produced music videos to candid footage for Insta, I can help capture and curate creative and high quality video for your promotional and artistic needs.

Youtube Sync & Licensing

Monetize your music and gain exposure.

When I’m not producing local artists, I’m writing music for television, film, and advertising. Check out some of my work with my collaborator, Dan Luedke. Together we make up the musical duo Luedvig and own and actively write for our production music label Vivid Pop. We have relationships with music supervisors and non-exclusive publishers that can help get your music placed in TV, advertisements or film.

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